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Our Story

How we started? While having a big family dinner, our late father, Ken Corbeille said “Brian, this food is too darn good for only us to enjoy.” That spawned the idea to create a trailer/food truck in 2018.  After a lot of hard work, road trips to Texas, KC, NC, for research, we opened K-Blocks BBQ February 9th 202. We wanted to be more than a family theme, but a family owned and operated. Quality and decisions made by a small group not a board, with a menu that can change and adapt to our client’s suggestions, approvals and input. 


MISSION: To be the best BBQ in the area, hell, best in MI and beyond. We want you to leave full, happy and talk to friends about the experience, not just the ribs. We brought in local musicians, cooking classes and trivia to add to the experience. 


ATMOSPHERE: An environment that makes you feel like you’re down south getting a plate made by friends, portions bigger than prices and leftovers to share. A place with authentic art, local beers, and a place where you feel welcome every time you visit. 


We take BBQ seriously, but our voice and tone is confident, funny, calories aren’t counted, and the sauce is an accent not the flavor. 


Ribs and Brisket is our foundation, cooked low and slow in our Ole Hickory smokers and we introduced Cajun dishes and creative inspired by our trips to NOLA. We also have weekend specials to keep things interesting and exciting. Our most popular specials make our permanent menu. 


 We want to hear from you, so, ask for a family member on your next trip and share your experience and ideas to help K-Blocks BBQ become a staple in the community. Come hungry. Leave full. Thanks for reading, hope to see you again soon. 

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