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Offering the same delectable morsels as our full-service restaurant, our catering team brings our barbeque menu to you. Providing classic American entrees and appetizers with a tasty twist, to groups from 5 to 500, our chefs and service professionals are quickly becoming the caterers of choice for Michigan's Macomb County residents and businesses alike.

Though we pride ourselves on fast and efficient service and stand out from our competitors with our all-inclusive packages, we understand that it’s the quality of the food that really matters. It is this priority that drives us to offer a mouth-watering selection of award-winning barbeque and side dishes. Our food is our trademark and we hold ourselves to the very highest of standards, delivering unforgettable meals in order to make your event a hands down success.

When perfection is a daily standard and exceptional is an expectation, a rare level of service and care is required. At K-Block’s Fire Pit BBQ, our catering team never looks to simply surpass industry standards, we’re too busy being focused on exceeding your every expectation.

Invite us to your next event and discover what passion, commitment, and expertise combine to create.

Whether you choose for K-Block's to provide full-service, on-site catering, would like the convenience of pick-up trays for your party, we offer catering on your terms. Contact our catering team now to discuss your catering needs.

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